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Dear Followers & Subscribers,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks for everyone who has taken the interest and initiative to follow the blog so far. It has been a tremendous confidence boost to find that there are people who find the content enjoyable and valuable enough to follow.

I’d like to announce that Cerebro Somata have started a podcast! Check out the first one on the podcast section of our site!

A conversation with Emmet Byrne and Iwan Blake. Emmet is finishing his PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Edinburgh, where he studies simulations for the LHC. Iwan is finishing his PhD in particle physics at Oxford University. He is part of a team studying neutrinos. In this podcast, we talk about physics in the broader context, alongside significant developments over the decades. They explain the importance of the recent results from the Fermilab muon experiment, which has been referred to as the discovery of a possible ‘fifth fundamental element of the universe’.

 We have several more incredibly interesting guests lined up, among them are several authors and researchers. See below for more details on the upcoming these guests.

Upcoming Guests!

Wouter Kusters, philosopher and author of ‘A philosophy of Madness, published by MIT Press. Wouter is a former linguist who transitioned over into the field of philosophy. While working on his research about mental disturbance, he induced himself into acute psychosis, for which he was hospitalized. This happened twice in his life and contributed to his 2004, 770 page book  ‘A philosophy of madness’, about which he says ‘“I wanted to show to next generations what the pleasure, problems and pitfalls of philosophy are: its truths, its paradoxes, and the possibility of its concomitant real-life psychotic experiences, metaphorical high mountains and deep abysses. ‘

If you are interested in hearing more about his story, please feel free to check out this articles, written about him by the Irish Times.

Marion Gildea is a research Masters and intern working in the field of psychedelic medicine with a prominent research group in London.  We share a lot of the same interests and ideas and for those interested in topics such as psychedelics, meditation, psychology, neuroscience and community living, this will be a great dynamic conversation to tune into.

Ray Tobin is currently in the editorial phase of publishing his autobiographical book about his very unique life. He spent 18 years of his life under the wing of the MEK, an Islamic cult in Iraq, also responsible to the death of his father, who they interrogated on suspicion of being a spy. He will be joining us for a conversation to share the details of his life then and now. Stay tuned for this one!

Sheunesu Kasiamhuru author of ‘the Art of Decisive Leadership’ which is expected to be published and on the shelves this August. He will take us through his 9 principles of decisive leadership and how they relate to key events in history and how they can be applied today. For more information about Sheunesu and his work, please visit

Stefano Andrianopoulos is a full-time artist with a strong background in Taosim and Taoist Kung Fu. He spent a year living and training in a Traditional Taoist Kung Fu Academy, in Wu Dang China (where we met each other). He trained under Master Yuan Xiu Gang, who is said the be the current figure head for Taosim, later deciding to become his disciple. He is now a 16th generation Taoist of the San Feng Sect.

Stay Tuned!

We’re very excited about these upcoming conversations and hope that you will tune in for them! We are happy to take constructive criticism at this time, so please feel free to send us a message letting us know what you think. We are also open to guest ideas, so if you or someone you know thinks they are a right fit for our podcast, please reach out and let us know!


Author: Naiyie Lamb

Naiyie is a writer and editor with a background in psychology, eastern philosophy, and digital marketing. Her creative experience includes writing custom blogs, press releases, and memoirs.

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