Review Excerpt of Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’

One of the profound insights that are offered to readers in Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ is the experience of an incredible perspective shift as to the nature and quality of one’s life.

Artificial Intelligence: The Echo of Human Consciousness

A brief background on artificial intelligence in the fields of healthcare and psychology. How AI mimics human creativity and questions related to AI and consciousness.

Pushing Up Daisies: Mindfulness & Death Anxiety

A deep reflection on approaches toward death. A review of popular theories on death anxiety with a scientifically supported narrative on the role of mindfulness in death-related anxiety

Mindfulness & Trauma

A short overview on trauma and how it effects our lives. Mindfulness in relation to the healing of trauma accompanied by quotes on mindfulness by well-renowned teachers.

Understanding Psychological Disturbance

An argument for the importance of understanding psychological distress for the general population. Anecdotes, examples and scientific reference.

The Art & Science of Relaxation

In this article the author reviews some scientifically established negative effects of stress and benefits of relaxation. They also provide a quick and easy how to along with some useful links to get started.

Dementia Throughout History

Author takes us briefly through the harrowing history of the treatment of dementia patients,. Walking through from ancient times to the modern day, take a look at how the development of medical and neuroscientific knowledge occurred.

Psychology & Conspiracy

Grapples with the multiple definitions of ‘conspiracy theory’. A scientifically supported narrative of the world of conspiracy theories.

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