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The Cerebro Somata Eastern philosophy blog page is a place to discuss the fruits of Eastern schools of thought and practices. There are many interesting similarities and differences between Yoga, Buddhism, and Taoism.

These articles will interest readers with enthusiasm for these topics. Furthermore, where are these practices today? How have practices like mindfulness progressed in Western society? What impact are they having on society as a whole?

Vipassana Meditation: The Art of Living

Vipassana meditation is a technique of Buddhist meditation that can induce and facilitate transformative experiences for an individual.

Pushing Up Daisies: Mindfulness & Death Anxiety

A deep reflection on approaches toward death. A review of popular theories on death anxiety with a scientifically supported narrative on the role of mindfulness in death-related anxiety.

Mindfulness & Trauma

A short overview on trauma and how it effects our lives. Mindfulness in relation to the healing of trauma accompanied by quotes on mindfulness by well-renowned teachers.

Eastern Philosophy, Taosim, The Yi Jing

A History of Chinese Martial Arts

A short reflection on the early days of Eastern philosophy and practices, key historical figures, and the interplay between Taosim and Buddhism.

Understanding Samadhi

A short explanation of Samadhi accompanied by a timeless poem written by Paramahansa Yogananda.

A Brief Introduction to The Healing Art of Ancient China

Reviewing China from a historical perspective to the rest of the world. A brief introduction to the concept of Qi and comparison with bioelectromagnetic energy. A quick look at some scientific support for the perks of this art.

The Art & Science of Relaxation

In this article, the author reviews some scientifically established negative effects of stress and the benefits of relaxation. They also provide a quick and easy how-to along with some useful links to get started.

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