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Cerebro Somata – For All Your Mind and Body Content

Cerebro Somata is dedicated to delivering high-quality content in mind-body topics. We will be focused on topics that may be useful in contributing to improved well-being.

We’re here to create a space where readers can go for informative content about everything body and mind.

We believe that health and wellbeing are the fundamental necessities of living a good life. We hope to make some of the vast sea of scientific research and insights into ancient Eastern philosophy and practices more available for interested readers.

Such practices as meditation, Yoga, Tai chi/Qi Gong have in many instances, taken the scientific community by storm. We would like to summarize and share what’s out there, while also providing an insight to the history of where these potent practices arose.

What you can expect from us

Well researched content that can help you improve your knowledge about wellness, thus, improving your life.

We are only starting out but we will cover everything body and mind related. This includes content about psychology, health, food and nutrition and much more.

While we love being practical about wellbeing, providing you information about how to improve. We also love a good story. This is why some of our content will also have more of a historical focus.

We love trying to answer fundamental questions. How has psychology developed over the years?

How are the Western and Eastern approaches to living different in a historical context?

We need your support

As newbies in the content industry, every step is a learning curve. Please support us by following us on our social media platform, sharing content you enjoy, or donating.

We would also love to hear what you think. What else you would like to see from us?


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