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Episode 4 – Jungian Analysis with Dr. Susan Schwartz

Susan Schwarts is a Arizona-based renowned Jungian analyst and author. She has been practicing for several decades and has written several books sharing her expertise on the human psyche from a Jungian perspective.

In this episode of the Cerebro Somata Podcast, we discuss synchronocity, the unconscious, and her recent book: The Absent Father Effect on Daughters.

Jake Pinnick

Episode 3 – Wudang Dao with Jake Pinnick

In this episode I have a conversation with Jake Pinnick, Jake is a Taoist Kung Fu coach in Wu dang China, the birthplace of Taoism, where he has been living both training and teaching for about 10 years.

Jake was trained the traditional way in the first and only 5-year training program for Westerners taught by Master Yuan Xiu Gang.

Here we talk about the Taoist philosophy and lifestyle and how it compares to other schools of eastern thought, about his training experience in Wu dang, and we talk a bit about keeping the balance in daily life.

Episode 2 – Psychedelics, Science, Spirituality

Marion Gildea is a Master’s research intern in the field of Psychedelic Medicine at Imperial College London. In this podcast conversation, we discuss the current position of psychedelic research, its potential for clinical usage, depth-psychology, and spirituality.

We discuss the subconscious mind as a sort of unknown entity that dictates behaviour from unseen corners, and how different approaches, including modern psychology and ancient Buddhist philosophy view this phenomenon.

Episode 1 – Physics Boyos

A conversation with Emmet Byrne and Iwan Blake. Emmet is finishing his PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Edinburgh, where he studies simulations of the LHC. Iwan is finishing his PhD in particle physics at Oxford University. He is part of a team studying neutrinos.

In this podcast, we talk about physics in the broader context, alongside significant developments over the decades. They explain the importance of the recent results from the Fermilab muon experiment, which has been referred to as the discovery of a possible ‘fifth fundamental element of the universe’.

Upcoming Guests on The Cerebro Somata Podcast

New podcasts take some time to develop and while we only have a few done so far, we’re very excited about our upcoming guests.

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